Booking my first wedding – Wiltshire Wedding Photographer

Ben Cremin – Wiltshire Wedding Photographer, the beginning

I have been asked countless times over the last few years if I can photograph someones wedding. The enquiries normally come through friends via word of mouth, my Facebook page or website. I never considered myself a wedding photographer and it was always at the top of my list of genres of photography i’d never do. Photography for me was about having fun and meeting new people, not the stress of pleasing a customer and the pressure of making sure I get the right shots with no chance of a reshoot.


Well, at the beginning of the year I was in Iceland visiting a famous large waterfall called Skogafoss when I happened to check my messages to find the latest of wedding photography requested. I replied, said it was a possibility and agreed to meet with the client when I got back from the trip. I’m not sure why it was that I said yes, maybe it was the inspirational surroundings at the time or the talented people who i was sharing my trip with who encouraged me to say yes.


A met up with the bride a week later and went thought the details and explained I had never photographed a wedding before. Still keen, we agreed a price and said we’d do it.

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