Top tips for urban long exposures (part 1)

Top tips for shooting urban long exposures.


I thought I would run a series of blogs covering some of my top tips for shooting long exposures in an urban area. I’ve been spending quite a bit of time in London recently and taking my camera out in the evenings has given me lots of time to practice this time of photography.


Tip 1: Use a remote release / delayed shutter


It’s easy to knock the camera when pressing the shutter on your camera, this means you could end up with blurry images.

There are a couple of solutions to avoiding blurry images caused by this:

  • My Fuji X-T1 has an iPhone app that lets me control the camera remotely. The app allows me to change key settings like aperture, ISO and exposure compensation. It also lets me remotely release the shutter. Check online to see if your camera has an app available.
  • Remove release cable, this is a device that will plug into your camera on one end and a switch on the other. Some more advanced remote releases will have features to make time lapses.
  • The last resort is to use delayed shutter on your camera. On my X-T1 I can set it to a 2 or 10 second delay. This means when I press the shutter, the camera will count down either 2 or 10 seconds and then shoot.

London Long Exposure//

Lloyds Building London//

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