Rome 2015 Part 1

I’ve recently returned from a short trip to Rome and even though sightseeing and relaxation was the primary aim of the trip it was impossible not to slip my Fujifilm X-T1 and the 18-55 2.8-4 into my backpack. I wasn’t too worried about creating stunning photos of the trip, doing that would mean I’d spend to much time in one location and I wanted to spend more time viewing the beauty with my eyes without worrying about composition, light, etc… I was merely a tourist in Rome and snapping at what was happening at the moment.

I was explaining to my Girlfriend what I was taking photos of because she found it strange that I was taking odd photos of strangers. I explained how I was interesting in capturing how people were interacting with the city and this may give me some unique images instead of some images taken of the Colosseum in the midday light. Well that’s the definition of street photography that I came up with and I’m not sure if it’s one that a read from somewhere else and apologies if so, but I found it a useful way to explain. So my images in part one of my Rome blog are all of tourists around the various landmarks in Rome.

The selfie stick is incredibly popular, the local immigrant population swarm all the tourist areas looking to sell this gadget. These folk were a particular pain and often didn’t take no for an answer, but I have to give them 10/10 for resilience, as quite a few tourist did purchase them for that all important holiday selfie.

I was particularly interesting in those people doing an elaborate post for the selfie, it looked fun and I was interested in what perception the subject wanted to give the viewer of their images. I watched the girl in the image below for a few minutes as she set up her selfie tripod and timer before hitting pose that a super model would be proud off. /

Here are a few more of my favourite tourist shots in Rome / / / /

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