A few tips on choosing a portrait photographer

Top Things to Consider When Looking for a Portrait Photographer
If you’re having a hard time looking for a portrait photographer and can’t find the right one, well don’t lose hope. Here are some top tips for finding the right one.
Asking Friends and Family for any photographer recommendations
The first thing you should be doing is to search for a portrait photographer by asking your friends and family. Every successful photographer has a story behind their reputation and that reputation isn’t built on which camera they own or how they look. Asking your friends and family about the photographer they’ve worked with and how their experience went will give you an idea about the photographer that you’re looking for.
Look at their Styles

Great photographers have distinct styles that have helped them become well known in their areas. Find a photographer with a style that suits the type of portrait photography that you would like. This could be a contemporary studio portrait, in colour, mono, or taken outside in a park or woodland making best use of natural light. Wiltshire portrait photographer Ben Cremin aims to capture contemporary portraits in the home studio or outside on location.

Louise - Spring Portait

Discuss with the photographer
Once you’ve made a selection on which portrait photographer you like. It’s time to make contract and introduce yourself to them. A telephone consultation in invaluable to the photographer, they can find out what your requirements are and it gives you an opportunity to check out if their portfolio to see if it meets your requirements and style if so then don’t hesitate to select them.

With all the tips above, I hope you find the perfect portrait photographer. if you still have any questions do ask in the comments section.

This post is by Ben Cremin of Ben Cremin Photography. Ben is a Wiltshire portrait photography, covering Swindon, Marlborough, Pewsey, Salisbury and everywhere in between, including West Hampshire.

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